OUCH Children Program (OCP) is an elementary music group course for ages

3-6, designed to enhance multiple skill sets through music and as a stepping stone into future primary-level music education. The syllabus offers a broad understanding of classical and contemporary music through Ear Training, Music History, Music Theory, Musical Games, Instrument Studies and Composition, in a more fun way.


Through years of research on pedagogy and music education, we at OUCH Music Academy are keen to share our newly developed methods. Learning an instrument possesses a wide array of benefits, especially in relation to neurological and social development. These programs are designed for a small musical group to promote the development of trust, respect and skills of negotiation and compromise. The addition of Musical Games and Group Performances in our program will develop self-confidence, social skills, teamwork, self-discipline, a sense of accomplishment, co-operation and responsibility among our students. The bond to meet group goals, will definitely increase the student's concentration and provide them an outlet for relaxation through music.