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Covid-19 and the future of Music Education.

 As we step into our 3rd year as a music academy, like most institutions,  we were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The challenges we faced didn’t paralyse us, they helped us discover who we are and how we could adapt, learn, innovate and move forward in achieving our goal in giving the best learning experience to our students.

 Learning music through online is not unheard of. Most top music colleges and institutions in the world do offer them as part of their long distance learning or summer program. However, these courses are sometimes very general and it doesn’t really do much especially for a total beginner. 

 The pandemic has forced music academies like us to move our classes online and this has raised some important questions from our current and future students. Here are some of them that we would like to share with you.

I have learned music privately or 1:1 all these while. Will I benefit the same if I learn online?

There is no doubt that learning an instrument 1:1 is better than online music lessons. Nevertheless, online lessons still do help students in guiding their practice and learning momentum. Moreover, progress in music performance depends highly on the amount of practice the student does at home. 

Can I learn an instrument online if I am a total beginner?

Yes you can! But, it depends on the instrument that you would like to learn. Learning piano or singing for example, would be an easie