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Giving Back with Music

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

OUCH Music Academy is now a little over two years old and ever since our establishment, it has been our aim to make a difference, love and contribute to our community in ways we can.

At this moment, there are no refugee camps in Malaysia and most refugee families share living spaces in groups of up to 20 people in low-cost housing areas or near construction sites in seek of employment. Refuge for the Refugees (RFTR) found that 40% of the 11,000 refugee children here were unable to access formal education. As an educational body, we want to bridge that gap and thus have created OUCH Social Responsibility program (OSR).

In 2017, we began a collaboration with Sunway Mentari Learning Centre, an organization aiming to provide equal learning opportunities and experiences for underprivileged refugee children in low-cost housing areas. Through OSR, we provide free music classes to Mentari Project's Myanmar refugee children. These music classes cover music practical and theory subjects that aim to equip them with the skills and confidence to play and even pursue tertiary musical education should they dream it.

Music theory
Music theory class with Ms. Ushera

Music theory
Music theory class with Mr. Philip