* please read the tearms before filling up the registration form below

Online Classes

  • Students are required to have their own instrument to attend the lessons. (except for vocal and Ouch Children Program)

  • To ensure smooth connectivity and clear viewing, students are advised to use a computer with stable wifi connection instead of mobile phones. 

  • Use high quality webcam with tripod or holder for felxibility of viewing. 

  • Classes will vary from 30 minutes to maximum of 45 minutes.

  • Upon complete sign up, books &/ learning tools will be sent to your address via courier service. 

  • The online lessons will allow students to sit for ABRSM or TRINITY examinations.

Missed Classes and Punctuality


  • Students are required to be punctual to their classes and attend classes regularly as per scheduled.

  • The School is not obliged to make up or give extra time to absentees or latecomers. Teachers may do so at their discretion. As long as it does not affect the next student’s class. 

  • A suitable substitute teacher may be appointed in the event that the teacher is not able to attend class. However, should the substitute teacher be unavailable, the class will be rescheduled to a mutually convenient time and date if necessary.



  • Class cancellation or rearrangement will require a minimum 24 hours’ notice within working days & hours from the student or parent. The School reserves the option to replace the class on another day or extend a single or multiple classes to fulfil the missed hours. 

  • Any classed missed with appropriate notification will be replaced on another day or by extending the classes lengths depending on the situations. Replacement classes can be carried forward up to 90 days. After 90 days without claim, the classes will be invalid. Classes missed are not to be used as a discount of monthly fee.

Freezing of Classes


  • Students may freeze their classes for 1 - 2 months for travelling or health reasons only, on the condition that The School is notified two weeks in advance before the leave date with supportive documents via email (compulsory). A ½ month fee will be charged for notification that is less than 2 weeks.  The charged classes can be utilised during the frozen month or to be carried forward up to 90 days. No replacement classes should be conducted during the frozen months. 

  • For classes that are frozen due to other reasons than travel and health, the school has the right to give the slot to the next available student. The school will not notify students/parents for this change.  

  • Should the student fail to notify the school prior to freezing or be absent for more than 2 months without notification, The School reserves the right to require the student to re-register for classes.

  • No freezing of lessons is allowed upon notification of withdrawal.


Individual lesson


  • Both theory and practical will be combined into 30, 45minute & 60 minutes lessons depending on the course.

  • During the lessons, the school has the right to combine students from time to time or frequently depending on the lessons needs. 

  • The school reserves full authority to change teachers due to any reasons. Teachers will be chosen based on their qualifications and experience to conduct the chosen lessons. A full handover of student’s progress from the previous teacher will be made to ensure a smooth transition. 

  • Lessons will require students to follow through teaching materials & tools suggested by the teacher. This will be at separate cost apart from the monthly fees. 

Adult Contemporary 


  • Adult Contemporary Course consists of 6  levels - Level 1 to Level 6

  • The school will determine student’s level by their musical background (of same instrument) as follows :
    1. Grade 0-1 -  Level 1

         2. Grade 2 - Level 2

         3. Grade 3 - Level 3

         4. Grade 4 - Level 4

         5. Grade 5 - Level 5

         6. Grade 6 - Level 6

  • For students with a musical background, a 1 to 1 assessment will be given to determine the  actual level.

  • Students will be upgraded to a new level every six active months  of study at the school.

  •  Lessons will require students to follow through teaching materials & tools suggested by the teacher. This will be at seperate cost apart from the monthly fees

Group Class


  • It is not possible to reschedule or refund missed group classes.

  • The School may in its absolute discretion replace a group class for a student within reason such as long-term absence of two weeks and above or when the majority of the class are not able to attend at one particular period.

  • Classes will not be conducted on gazetted public holidays and are non-replaceable. 



  • Students may enrol for examinations under the advice and consent of their teacher. 

  • Examination fees must be paid on time. Failure to pay fees by the closing date (advertised on school notice boards) will result in non-entry for the student.

  • Certain examinations require an accompanist. The School provides exam accompanists at a chargeable rate. Students may find their own accompanist in conjunction with the school office.



  • School and office operational hours are from Monday to Sunday from 9am-7pm. We close on Public Holidays and Term Breaks. 

  • Students and parents are responsible to check the school notice boards for details of exam fees, closing dates, school events and general information.

  • Enquiries will be dealt with immediately, where possible during regular office hours. 

  • Should you wish to speak to the head of school or a teacher in particular, kindly make an appointment via our front desk. This procedure will help us to serve you better.




  • Photographs will be taken for publicity purposes. Do inform the OUCH Management Team if you wish to be excluded from photoshoots. 

  • All online classes will be recorded for a minimum of 5 minutes for quality control puposes. 




  • The school charges it’s fee based on a monthly basis 

  • Fees will not be prorated or discounted due to absences.   

  • All payments and transactions must be issued in Ringgit Malaysia only.

  • Payments are accepted in the form of cash, credit card, and bank transfer.

  • Cheques are not accepted.

  • Admission consists of RM 100 registration, 1-month deposit, and first-month fee, which will be collected during registration. Registration fee is non-refundable upon cancellation at any point. The 1-month deposit will be utilised to knock off the final month fee in the event of a withdrawal and is not refundable in cash. 

  • A minimum of 60 days’ notice prior to withdrawal must be given to the OUCH Management Team.

  • Monthly fees should be paid no later than the 7th day of each month. Receipts will be issued upon request through the school administration via email or sms.

  • Lesson materials/aids (such as books, tuner, shoulder rest, etc.) will be charged at a separate cost. 


 *The management reserves the right to update the school policy from time to time without prior notification.



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