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OUCH Bootcamp

We are introducing the freshest and most industrious topic ever at OUCH Music Academy for June: MUSIC PRODUCTION.


29 June 2019 | Sat | 3-6pm 
Free admission | Ages 8 and up


Have you ever wondered how a song is made? Let us take you behind the scenes into the music recording studio and show you the entire process from writing, playing, recording and engineering a song into its final stage. We are adding a new twist where students can apply for JOBS they are most interested in at the studio.


Positions available are 

1. Songwriters

2. Performers

3. Engineers

4. Studio Managers


RSVP before  26 June 2019 by submitting your "work application" form at school. Good luck!

OUCH Rush Hour

Special promotion for working adults!

We understand the pain of commuting and we are offering the chance to turn your rush hour into your best hour yet. Escape the jam and visit OUCH Music Academy as we are offering two free classes when you sign up! Just mention #OUCHrushhour and we have got you covered. T&C apply.

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