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OUCH Toddler & Children Program

Through years of research on pedagogy and music education, we at OUCH Music Academy are keen to share our newly developed methods. Learning an instrument possesses a wide array of benefits, especially in relation to neurological and social development. These programs are designed for a small musical group to promote the development of trust, respect and skills of negotiation and compromise. The addition of Musical Games and Group Performances in our program will develop self-confidence, social skills, teamwork, self-discipline, a sense of accomplishment, co-operation and responsibility among our students. The bond to meet group goals, will definitely increase the student's concentration and provide them an outlet for relaxation through music

Individual & Group Instrument Lessons

Our Music Academy offers a range of individual music courses for adults and children. These are one-to-one music lessons where you will learn how to master an instrument of your choice with focused guidance from our professional faculty.


We take pride in providing classes which are fun and engaging because the overall music experience is our priority. So whether you are a practitioner who is pursuing excellence, a novice who wants to explore, or a parent who wants your child to develop their musical creativity, OUCH Music Academy welcomes you. 

Fees begin at RM250 for graded course and RM280 for adult course which run weekly. Do note that rates apply differently across grades and instruments. Get a quotation or book a slot for consultation with us at the school.

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