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OUCH Music Therapy for Special Needs

OUCH Music Therapy for Special Needs (OMT) uses music to address human needs within communicative, cognitive, emotional, physical and social domains. The program helps children that are in the spectrum to positively cope, manage and improve these essential skills. OMT sessions are designed to suit students' unique needs. This includes active and receptive (musical) interventions.

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  • Students fall under the functional special needs spectrum.

  • A professional medical diagnosis has been obtained by the parent/guardian.

  • Attend an assessment for OMT. 


These are some of the benefits achieved through OMT


Strengthen communication skills


Regulate mood & reduce anxiety


Develop problem-solving skills

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Improve physical coordination & motor functions


Build social skills


Develops a good sense of musicality, potentially allowing a long-term instrumental study

Program Goals

Manage mood disorders

Manage learning disabilities

Integrate and cope with normal social situations

Develop musical skills

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