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OUCH Toddler Program

Providing The Right Start for your Toddler's Musical Journey

Toddler Playing Drums
Toddler Playing Drums


OUCH Toddler Program (OTP) is designed to introduce music in a positive way through music and movement, musical games, singing, and arts activities. A variety of instruments are showcased in the class for children to experience timbre and develop ear-training skills that are vital for future instrument studies. The program is conducted individually or group depending on the child's preliminary assessment.

Class Module

  • Introduction to Orchestral Instruments

  • Tempo & Rhythm

  • Pitch 

  • Musical Dynamics

  • Timbre

  • Introduction to Music Notes & Symbols

  • Active Music Listening

  • Arts & Fine Motor Skills

Toddler with Wooden Toys


  • Boost confidence and social skills.

  • Develop appreciation towards music.

  • Uplift interest towards learning in general.

  • Positive emotional development

  • Refine motor skills

  • Improve coordination and spatial awareness

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