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Student/Parent Reviews

At Ouch Music Academy, we share our passion for music with students of all ages and abilities. Whether young or old, we encourage our students to grow with proper understanding of what music is and can be. Whatever your musical interest, our accomplished instructors will support you in reaching your musical ambitions as we strive to spread the transformative power of music by providing the highest quality music education and experiences to all who seek them. 

Below are some of the great reviews we have received from our students and parents.

Violin Orchestra

We enrolled our daughter into OUCH Music Academy Children Program as her first step in Musical learning journey at three and half years old. Teachers are qualified, professional and committed at their teaching. The academy is true to what it advertised - music learning for All Ages. Lessons are paced and tailored to each individual child. Fast forward two years later, now at 5 years old, our daughter is doing fantastically with instrument and all her musical learning under the guidance of teachers at the academy! School administration is very organized and really helpful regarding any re-arrangement of class. We totally recommend OUCH Music Academy for anyone, at any age, who wants to begin their music learning journey!

-Angeline Ang

We've been looking for the perfect music class for the kids, and so glad we found Ouch Academy! The teachers are patient, friendly and knowledgable as well as passionate about music! They know how to spark the children's interests and encourages them to push their abilities.

-Haida Daut

We have been attending music classes at Ouch for at least 2 years now. My kids started music introduction class and progressed into private instrument class. I also started playing piano again with Ouch after 20 years. Ouch has great music programs for all ages and the programs are quite structured, with periodic assessments. We are very happy and enjoying our sessions.


My daughter attends music school here and enjoys it very much. She was just over three when she started. She looks forward to her weekly lessons and speaks fondly of her teacher and excitedly of what she learnt afterwards. Thumbs up and definitely recommend.

-Chi Hou Chan

Always looking forward to attend the class. My teacher is so talented, passionate and helpful. She’s very professional yet friendly and that makes learning so much fun. 👍🏻 to OUCH Academy.

-Ida Rasidi

My girl enjoys coming to Ouch. she could enjoy learning from the theory then chose what instrument she really likes. The Admin, teachers and principal are open for discussion and very friendly!

-Cathy Ngow

My daughter and myself have been taking piano lessons for the past 2 years at Ouch Academy.
The teachers are very good and patient. They make learning fun and my kids love going there (even the one that is to small to learn any instrument yet!) I highly recommend this music academy!!

-Sabrina Guerin

My son has joined the Children program for the past 12 weeks. He enjoys class so much and every week looks forward to it with his whole heart. Each lesson is well prepared, colourful, fun and integrate many aspects of music appropriate for his age. The school equipments are top notch, facility is nice, cozy and friendly. Highly recommend for building up your kid's foundation and love for music. * STG cafe at ground floor has some best fruit tea to chill out while waiting for your kid class ;-)

-Alice Hai

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