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Discover the Perfect Music Class for Children and Toddlers

There is nothing cuter than children playing musical instruments. Parents invest in their children's musical studies for years, hoping that it will be a skill that they will obtain forever. Sadly, this isn't the case. Recent studies reveal that about 50% of young students drop out music studies and activities by the time they turn 17 years old. Most of them are unable to play the instruments after quitting.  

Quitting music studies while transitioning from adolescence to adulthood is common. However, music appreciation and interest do develop further during this period if they have received music appreciation lessons during their early days of musical studies. It is also proven that this could encourage them to re-learn or continue their music studies later on in their adult lives.  

So, what is music appreciation? It is a study of the fundamentals of music such as pitch, rhythm, dynamics, style, structure, and timbre. The concept of music appreciation is often taught as a subset of music theory in higher education and focuses predominantly on Western art music, commonly called "Classical music". 

Music Class at OUCH Music Academy

OUCH Music Academy at Bukit Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur, provides music classes for children and toddlers that incorporates music appreciation prior to them learning an instrument. Through the OUCH Toddler Program and OUCH Children Program, students experience multiple instruments, musical styles and musical games that help them decide on an instrument that they would love to learn. The notion of music class as a positive and happy place is instilled from the very beginning of the course. This method has been proven successful as the students continue to enjoy their instruments.  

Music is a life-long experience and OUCH Music Academy's goal is to give a healthy start to children for them to enjoy it forever.  

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