The unmistakable richness and expressiveness of the clarinet's timbre has earned the instrument its place in orchestral and swing jazz music alike. Clarinet classes at OUCH will provide step-by-step guidance, skills and the methodology to be master the instrument. Graded examinations with the ABRSM are offered for students who wish to strengthen their skills and pursue music into a higher level.


Students enrolling for clarinet are required to bring their own instrument. Contact us for a consultation.

Siska Nadiah

Siska is a Bachelor of Music degree holder from ASWARA, majoring in Music Composition and Arranging. Being a multi-instrumentalist, she is an active performer, arranger and composer in the industry and has had 7 years of teaching experience. Siska specialises in woodwind instruments namely the clarinet and saxophone, piano, vocal, music theory as well as music writing.

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