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The poster instrument of musical virtuosity, the agile violin remains a popular instrument among our students. Violin classes with our highly qualified instructors will train students to be technically sound and still maintain a creative flair with the instrument. Graded examinations with the ABRSM are offered for students who wish to strengthen their skills and pursue music into a higher level. 


Students enrolling for violin are required to bring their own instrument. Contact us for a consultation.

Lee Min Yan
B.Mus (Contemporary) hons., 

Graduated from UCSI Malaysia, Min Yan is a multi-instrumentalist with outstanding achievements. Min Yan's teaching curriculum consists of techniques custom-tailored to the individual, with a strong emphasis on technique and theory. She has been sharing her passion for the violin and piano to aspiring musicians of all levels and ages, whether their interests lie in classical, jazz, folk, avant-garde, or somewhere in between.

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Lu YuYuh
B.Mus (Classical) hons., ATCL 

Yuyuh attained her Bachelor Degree in Music Performance from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) after completing a Diploma in Music from Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) with both outstanding achievements. As a classical pianist and violinist, Yuyuh devotes herself in the performing and education industry for over 8 years. With a strong foundation in music theory and musicology, she emphasises on musical aesthetic, instrumental technique and also critical thinking in her teaching curriculum. Throughout the years in the industry, Yuyuh actively involves herself in orchestras and ensembles including Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) Orchestra & Friends of Strings Chamber.